Five Secrets To Finding A Cinema Near Me

It is no secret that in the United States we love our movies. Any day of the week, relaxing and seeing a movie after a busy day of work or dinner is a favorite way to spend the evenings and nights for most. Movies allow us to enter a new world of possibilities while simultaneously learning about our own. There is nothing difficult about sitting down, opening your mind, and letting a movie sweep you away- except for maybe finding the perfect theater to watch it. For that we have you covered. Here are five secrets to finding a cinema near me.

1. Local Newspapers

Most major cities have a popular local newspaper that many residents go to for all of their weekly local events and screenings. If you are interested in seeing what new movies are being released in your area, pick up one of these newspapers and flip through the entertainment section. They are sure to have reviews by local critics, screening times, and possibly even some reviews from audience members to give a more balanced picture of what the general audience feels about the movie.

2. Vlog Reviews

There are many movie vlogs you can check out as well. A vlog is basically a blog but instead of reading the writings of the author you watch their live video recordings. Sites such as Vimeo or YouTube host many different vloggers from unknown and starting out to household names. Some vlogs focus on one style of movie- say comic book movies- and offer particularly in depth reviews about them. They will also provide links for find a theater near you.

3. Blog Reviews

For those of you who prefer to take in your information the old-fashioned way, blogs still remain very popular. There are many blog sites that offer reviews and backstories to movies as well as details about the actors, directors, and any studio/production drama that ensued during filming. Much like vlogs, they offer very niche in-depth reviews as well as links to local theaters and resources.

4. Movie review sites

Many movie review sites such as Rotten Tomatoes will offer critical reviews and audience comments on new releases. This is a great place to see all the newest movie releases with ratings while seeing which locations in your local area are showing which. Some theaters themselves will offer similar services on their own website complete with ticketing information and online ordering.

5. Online ticketing

Some websites such as Fandango serve to provide a quick and easy way to see all movie releases with links to movie review sites, ticketing, and local theaters. You can become a member and get emails straight to your inbox regarding new releases and special events. With direct links to your local cinemas, these sites are the most direct way to find the information you are looking for.


How to Solve the Biggest Problems With Photo Retouching

Exaggerating Textures

Greatly harsh surfaces may meddle with the feel of the photographs. Thus, they must be smoothened. Now and then this smoothening might be completed exorbitantly. Along these lines, the ultimate result turns out to be falsely smooth to be accepted. Direct approach is emphatically prescribed to dispose of this probability.

Over the top Elimination of Ambient Noise

Surrounding commotion in photography alludes to arbitrary and uncalled for varieties in the splendor of the hues in pictures. It normally emerges as the consequence of deficiencies in either the hardware or sensors of the cameras being used. They must be expelled to guarantee the visual clearness of the photographs. Their intemperate disposal may regularly meddle with the last nature of the photograph however. This is the reason the technique must be conveyed mindfully advertisement with control.

Not Ridding Halos around Objects Completely

Coronas are groups of lights that embellish the edges of the primary questions in photos. They fundamentally emerge as the consequence of poor climatic conditions. This in this way implies they must be wiped out to give the photos the honesty they require.

In many examples, these coronas are never expelled totally. Along these lines, the last nature of the photographs are not as attractive as in a perfect world should be the situation. Most extreme care in this manner must be taken to make sure that they are totally dispensed with.

Over-brightening of the Teeth

Those photos that are taken of grinning individuals will typically get defensive. While stained teeth are awful to see, over-brightening them, then again, may mutilate the honesty of the ultimate result. This may render the photograph insignificant and conniving particularly if the subject is an outstanding open figure. Therefore, this action must be completed precisely and with most extreme concern.

Editing Images Disproportionately

In a few cases, the pictures must be edited to guarantee some coveted measurements. To edit a picture just means slicing that picture to measure for advantageous surrounding and accomplishment of the coveted angle proportion.

This methodology has regularly been mishandled however, a reality that has frequently prompted lopsided ultimate results. It ought to accordingly be done fastidiously and ideally by a prepared master as it were.


How to Pick the Ideal Digital Camera

Do you know how to pick the best camera? What features do you consider? How costly should it be?

Here’s the answer: the best camera out there on the market today is… the one you’re actually going to use.

For most amateur photographers, any camera is the best camera.

Okay, you probably didn’t want to hear that. But it’s true. No camera will instantly give you great photos if you lack great composition and exposure. Cameras don’t take pictures, photographers do.

Fine, we hear you. So what camera should I buy?

If you’re an amateur photographer, keep to the low-end of cameras, one that you can afford. Then teach yourself about composing photos, exposure, along with other techniques.

Once you determine that you enjoy photography as a hobby and you would prefer some advanced functions, then you can sell your old equipment and graduate to higher-end models.

If you figure out that you’ve got a secret gift in taking great pictures and you’re thinking that you may genuinely wish to make some money from your talent, then you can spend more money on fancy equipment.

But your cash goes furthest if you get quality lenses. This will make a bigger impact than buying a costly camera body.

What features should I look for?

The biggest misconception when picking a camera is that the megapixels make a big difference in the quality of your images.

Unless your image is going to be plastered on a billboard, every camera presently on the market should be perfectly sufficient to satisfy your MP needs.

Instead, think about these distinctions between high-end DSLR vs. low-end DSLR vs. point-and- shoots.

  • Price (the difference between the top and bottom could be a few thousand dollars)
  • Response time (the time it will take the camera to take the photo after you hit the shutter)
  • Auto-focus
  • Functionality in low-light conditions
  • Video functionality
  • Weather-proof bodies

So here’s how to tell if you are a true photography buff: if you’re always snapping pics with your camera, particularly of things that many people probably would not consider photogenic, then you can consider yourself a real aficionado. In this case, you’re probably a person who would take advantage of the extra features of a DSLR.

So be honest with yourself and figure out exactly how much you will use your camera before you spend the money. If you plan to carry it with you constantly, then go for it!


Five Reasons Why I Love The Divergent Movie

For every Divergent fan, there are many reasons why we choose to get completely lost in the fiction world. Some hard moments in the movie make us sad and some sweet moments make us happy. There are so many lessons to learn and many uncertainties to experience whenever someone starts to watch this movie. The movie is one of my favorite movies. Here are the five reasons why I like the movie most.

1. Theo James
Yes guys, you heard me right! The first reason to love Divergent is the star of this movie, actor Theo James. I have a confession to make. I have a huge crush on Theo James. I am his biggest fan. He is my obsession. He did an amazing job in the movie. The way he presented himself as Tobias Eaton’s character is absolutely stunning. We can say that, he is the perfect Four (Tobias Eaton). I think it is a handsome reason to love the movie. I am not going to lie that it is favorite reason among all!

2. The Five Factions
The second reason is actually the concept of the five factions. The five factions are Dauntless, Abnegation, Candor, Erudite and Amity. The characteristics of these five factions are the brave, the selfless, the honest, the intelligent and the peaceful respectively. The factions remind me the actual characteristics of human being. How versatile the people of this world are, is clearly pictured in this five factions. You have to admit that the concept is completely different from the other fiction movies. So this is a good reason of loving the movie.

3. Divergent
Divergent faction is itself my favorite reason of loving this movie. Divergent is a rare quality of equal features of multiple factions. This ability reminds me that any person can have multiple qualities which make him or her to a successful person. No one needs to be a superhero. People can solve their own problems without superman or batman or wonder woman’s help. Divergent teaches us that you have to believe yourself and do your job carefully. That’s why it is one of my top reasons of loving the movie.

4. Fear Landscape
Faces the worst fear in psychological simulation through fear landscape is the second stage of dauntless training. And yes it is another reason and to me it is a good reason. I mean yeah, who doesn’t like to watch others fear! Actually, by the fear landscape, we can define a person easily and truly. This is a very good and a little creepy way of analyzing people. Especially Tobias’s fears are too much delicious (!) to watch. Another confession, it’s worth watching.

5. Tris and Four’s Love
The last reason of loving the movie is the love of Tris and Four. The way they love each other is really heart touching. Tris is kind of dependent on Four through the initiation. It reminds that girls actually want love and care. And the way Four protects Tris is totally out of the world. Seriously girls, we all want a partner like Four! The love, care and bondage between this two love birds are really a satisfactory reason to love this movie.

The Divergent movie is a complete different science fiction movie. The five reasons of watching this movie are really good reasons. The actor Theo James is really a stunning reason to watch the movie. The concept of five factions and Divergent quality are very much new concepts. They reflect people’s inner quality. The fear landscape is another idea of judging and defining people. And last but not the least, the love of Four and Tris makes the movie interesting and worth watching.


Five Action Movies You Can Watch With the Whole Family

Action movies are great, aren’t they? Life is full of so many things that try to be something more than what they really are, but action movies are all about one thing – action. Truth be told, there is plenty done in terms of developing characters, crafting a solid story, and creating a narrative that feels lively and exciting throughout the film’s runtime. In the end, though, when you stop at the box office and buy a ticket for an action movie, you’re looking to be wowed by a true spectacle. You want CGI, explosions, choreographed fight scenes, one-liners, and unique ways for the bad guy to go bye-bye.

It’s for these reasons that action movies tend to be a bit maligned in society, and those that are fans of this genre are looked at as being a bit rough around the edges. Well, it’s their loss! You go to the movies to have a blast, and watching a solid action movie is all about having a great time at the movie theater. It may not be high art, but it’s fun.

When you factor in your spouse and kids, though, these films tend to be little off the mark. Even if you think they’re great, they may not be the best thing to share with the family. Reconciling between your love of shoot ’em-ups and “boomtacular” cinema & what’s appropriate for your family means you might miss out.

Or does it? If you look hard enough, you’ll find that action movies can be all about tension and suspense. You might also find that action will be packed into the oddest of movies, but they are the right kind of movies for a family movie night.

Here are five action movies that the whole family can enjoy:

The Incredibles – Not only are the sequences in this movie move at a million miles a minute. Plus, if you’re looking for family togetherness, this is a movie about a family of superheroes. Mic dropped.

The Harry Potter movies – It is impressive that kids were lining up to buy books that were hundreds of pages long. It’s even more impressive that this book series also spawned some of the most action-packed scenes in recent cinematic history. This would be a really cool movie marathon.

Finding Nemo – Yes, it’s a story about a lost fish, but it’s also a story about loss, the perils of parenting, and the lengths one might go to in order to get their family back together again. It’s a masterpiece.

Jumanji – Though the newest re-imagining of this movie has taken center stage, this classic from the mid-90s is a very underrated film. It’s heartbreaking with regard to lost time with family, funny, heartwarming, and beautiful all at once.

Flight of the Navigator – In the same vein of lost time with family, this gem from the mid-80s take viewers on a strange journey through time & space and reveals that no matter how grand the scale is for technology to take us places we’ve never been, nothing rivals a human connection.

Trying to find action movies for the whole family sounds like an exercise in futility. Then again, if you’ve already got a negative attitude about this film genre, you’re likely to take a very loose approach to finding something suitable. However, if you’re a fan of these movies, and you hope to raise the next generation of action fans, these five movies are sure to be crowd-pleasers.


Five Great Action Movies You Should Take A Date To

Nothing can destroy the bond that is forged in the hot fires of mutual adoration for an intense and memorable action sequence. In fact, seeing good action movies can elevate more than just your heart rate, it can elevate your mutual attraction with your date. With many movies coming out each week, it is hard to select the best flicks to go to. Some cinemas regularly screen some of the best action films- even if they aren’t new releases. Here are five great ones you should take your date to.

1. Aliens

James Cameron’s masterpiece set into motion an obsession with the combination of sci-fi and action. This second film in an initial installment of three boosted the adrenaline level from the slow and suspenseful Alien (the first movie) filmed by Ridley Scott. Taken in a new direction, it is not so much whether this film is better or worse, but rather it stands on its own as a completely different style of Alien movie. Nonetheless, it has withstood the test of time and many viewers continue to see it.

2. Die Hard

A cult Christmas favorite, this movie has Bruce Willis starting as police officer John McClane who has the unfortunate luck of being the only guest not hijacked during a Christmas party attack. Stuck in a high rise building and under siege by terrorists it is up to John to save the day and his estranged wife. Filled with good action, clever acting, and some holiday cheer this film has become a classic during the holiday season.

3. Terminator 2

The second film in the Terminator series sees Arnold Schwarzenegger returning as a cyborg known as a Terminator. However, this time his model is the “good guy” seeking to stop a T-1000 model from going back in time to destroy the leader of a resistance that would give mankind hope from the apocalyptic rise of the machines.

4. The Bourne Ultimatum

What if in the future top soldiers were psychologically enhanced and manipulated into becoming super soldiers? What if this came at the risk that when one went rogue all heck would break loose? This is just the premise of the Jason Bourne films starring Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. It is a film that tests your decision on which side to take while allowing you to agree that the action and fight scenes are top notch.

5. The Matrix

If you have ever wondered if your entire reality was a computer simulation then the movie The Matrix may hit a bit too close to home. Starring Keanu Reeves, Neo finds out that he is just an incubated human being used for fuel. Once he is set free by Morpheus- the leader of the resistance- Neo must come to grips with what is real and what is not and decide if ignorance really is bliss.